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HERSTORY began touring east-coast universities in the Fall of '05. La Bruja, Claudia Alick, Vanessa "The Hebrew Mamita" Hidary and Peuo were given standing ovation after standing ovation, and with their words they will continue to entertain, enlighten and empower the young women of Americ. 

J.L. Seary Talks About HerStory

Being a member of HerStory for the last few years has been a true privilege. The stories that we are telling are of great value. I find that in this work we are able to bring voices to the voiceless. There is pain, sorrow, joy and sisterhood in the work that we do. We have performed in front of audiences large and small, each with it's own place in my heart. The university performances are particularly wonderful because we get to connect with young people that are really at the precipice of their respective journeys. For audience members to come up to us after the performance to tell us of their pain, their joy, how they related to our work is an honor. Many women who have experienced what we write about, often don't have a space where they can honor those experiences. HerStory honors those experiences. 

Most recently we performed at Pace University for an event organized by a Sorority called "A Womyn's Worth". A womyn's worth indeed. These young women are our legacy. They are moving forward and navigating a world where they are still battling domestic violence, rape, harassment, sexism, and an all out war on their reproductive rights. They are the next in line to fight the battles we write about and speak about in HerStory. They are women who need to be honored and valued and supported in this journey. To stand on the stage and look into their faces as they laugh, cry, cringe, and smile is one of the most amazing things a performer can experience. That we give them a moment to reflect and ponder what is possible is one of the perks of what we do. Though I hadn't met any of the young women prior to the performance, I could see and feel the sisterhood and the love. I read a quote recently to the effect of - be the person you needed when you were young. It is my greatest hope is that as performers, as storytellers and as women, that we can be those people for young women. That is the power of HerStory, that is the legacy of HerStory. Written by J.F Seary

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